Summer Melt and Winter Seminar

The Torrey’s Peak Cohort is our first cohort to participate in our new Near-Peer Residency Program. 7 older postsecondary students received special training to support the first years with their transition into college. Each first year was paired with an older student to coach them through any challenges that may come up. To kick off these relationships and prepare for the first semester, all Neer-Peer pairs participated in a 4-day trip to Dillon, CO, called Summer Melt. The days were full of bonding activities for the pairs and workshops to prepare for college, many of them led by the older students. The pairs checked in on a regular basis throughout the first semester. 

As a follow up to Summer Melt, the students attended Winter Seminar, an overnight workshop during winter break. During Winter Seminar, they reflected on the first semester and learned more about networking and mental health. After participating in the program for a year, some of the younger students may decide to become Near-Peer coaches in their later years in college!

Torrey’s Peak members Edith and Judith spend time with an older CSU student, Ale, in the above photo.