Why become An Investor?


Too often, we are swayed by “the next great solution” to solve complex social problems. The powerful conditions that that introduce and sustain the organizational energy to systematically address these complex social problems are often underestimated. That is not the case with Mile High 360. There is no silver bullet to this work; it is difficult, time consuming, resource intensive, and requires extended focus from all involved. This is the effort that you are joining.

A Postsecondary diploma is powerful
Today, a postsecondary diploma, not a high school degree, is the necessary credential for access to the resources and opportunities that support success and independence.
Out-of-school resources impact life outcomes
Learning and life chances depend on access to essential out-of-school factors and resources including (but not limited to) safety, health, nutrition, enriching opportunities, and mentoring.
Education and economic success are strongly correlated
The Annie E. Casey Foundation reports that for Colorado “in 2019, median annual earnings for someone without a high school diploma ($25,876) were 81% of the earnings of a high school graduate ($31,956) and 46% of the earnings of someone with a bachelor’s degree ($56,344)."
We must impact the Opportunity Gap
Children from disadvantaged communities are unable to reach their full potential because they cannot consistently access essential opportunities that have a profound impact on achievement


Slowing the momentum of generational poverty through education is difficult and time consuming. It requires commitments from everyone involved because breaking the poverty cycle via education doesn’t happen by accident. It is an intentional effort and it is not as simple as the mobilization and organization of concrete resources. It is just as much about forming new identities, developing new communities, “swimming against the tide,” and learning the hidden culture of higher education. Mile High 360 wants you to join this work.